I have been seeing Michelle for several years for massage. After unsuccessfully falling pregnant naturally although having successfully carried previous pregnancies we decided we would try fertility massage through Michelle as neither my husband or I wanted to go down the path of any fertility treatment both believing if it was meant to happen it would. Michelle explained fertility massage would assist in clearing any emotional boundaries I had placed on myself. We decided to complete a course of 4 massages with Michelle to see if it would help. In May this year we are so very blessed to be expecting a beautiful little baby conceived naturally. We both also see Michelle for Emotion Code. Although at times we have found it to be very confronting to have so many emotions that have been hidden, affecting our lives due to our past experiences come to the forefront it is also amazing. Although at the time you don’t feel any physical changes within a few days the changes to our lives have been wonderful. We have both found the process to be extremely helpful in dealing with past traumas whether physical or emotional placed either on us by our own minds or by others treatment of us. We would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to anyone suffering any form of upset, anxiety, depression or any other issues as the list this can help with is endless. Michelle is a very approachable caring woman whom we feel completely comfortable in our treatments knowing that it is fully confidential and professional.