Due to the lack of any real help from the medical system for endometriosis. I made the choice to seek out the holistic way.

I have been an endo warrior for 8years now and was struggling with pain that led me to have days off work. I’ve lost an ovary during my laparoscopy procedure. The drs then said it may come back but will do more surgery when necessary. They then suggested to be on the pill for 3 months straight and have a period and to come back when I’m ready for a baby. Sigh! What a crappy life I thought.

I could not live like this anymore so I then started to search for a different holistic approach. I’ve changed my diet, channelling my feminine energy, letting go of the past, shadow work, taking pills from naturopath and all sorts of other approaches and I came across Michelle and the yoni steaming has had the best results for my endo so far.

I have been on her steaming plan for 5 months now and I have been able to be off the pill and I am passing a normal period with no uterus pain. I am still experiencing a few other systems as my body is changing and becoming it’s natural self.

Steaming has changed my life and I am blessed and highly recommend Michelle and I cannot see myself stopping steaming anytime soon. I love it and thank you Michelle for helping me. My journey is in still progress and I am excited to take on life pain free.