I have been a client of SMEP Wellbeing (Michelle) for many years enjoying monthly
massages. My family and I have enjoyed good health and wellbeing with Michelle's wonderful amazing techniques and talent.

As a treat I recently had my first Lomilomi massage which was pure bliss that left me feeling amazing with an almost out of body experience.

Michelle is a wonderful massage therapist who is attuned to my body and its needs,
as well as my overall health and well-being.

With her help and guidance, I have started Yoni steaming to help ease my transition through life phases. Like anything new it was strange to start with but am now enjoying steaming and when I don't my body can feel the difference.

Michelle is always available with anything and everything and is so knowledgeable
with all things of wellbeing. I thank you Michelle for your service and would highly
recommend SMEP wellbeing to all.