Trudi Brown

I’m 78 years old, in my early 40’s I went through early menopause without much thought as I had no symptoms, however I did go through a very stressful time as I lost my Husband and was left to raise 2 young children. Life got tough but I pushed on. When I turned 77, my problem with bleeding started (just like a period) just lightly first but then increased until it then became continuous, Doctors did internal examinations after examinations finding nothing. I was sent to a gynecologist who went through everything and found nothing so stated that the best option was a hysterectomy and that in its self was a dangerous operation for me as I had other problems too. Last resort my niece contacted Michelle who worked Body code on me and found emotional issues dating back to my 40’s were the key to my problems, she wove her magic and wa la I have had no bleeding since. My niece has had some wonderful results too and can’t thank Michelle enough for her help and love over the years, my niece believes she would be in a wheelchair if it wasn’t for Michelle’s many healing abilities.