Holistic Yoni Wellbeing offer a range of courses.

Advanced Certificate
Yoni Steaming

This training will give you an Advanced Certificate in Yoni steaming which is Recognized with IICT Insurance and Aon Allied Health, with monthly live zoom video calls.

Cost is $3,295 (incl GST), payment plans are available, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required.

Included Modules:

- Vaginal ecology
- Female and male genital anatomy
- Imbalance of menstrual cycles
- 5 different steaming plans and protocols
- How to create tailored steaming plans
- Steaming plans for Uterine Fatigue, Stagnation, Excess Heat, Weak digestive system, Dryness, Dampness and Blood deficiency
- Steaming plans for cysts, prolapse, miscarriages, fertility, labour, post-partum, pre and post menopause.
- Lingam steaming plans.
- Steaming plans for after surgeries
- Learn about Breast care, period care, self-care
- How to use and apply poultices, moxibustion
- Meditations and an extra bonus module.