Nourishing Abdominal & Lomilomi Massage Course
Nourishing Abdominal & Lomilomi Massage Course

Nourishing Abdominal & Lomilomi Massage Course

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I would like to invite all to start on a new journey on Nourishing Fertility Womb & LomiLomi Massage and understanding Menstrual cycle irregularities. Study with me and be able to bring these modalities into your workplace by offering so much to your clients and yourself, increase your clientele or maybe starting your own business. There is so much room and need out there for Holistic approach to our general health and opportunities to start your own new business.

This certified hands-on 5-day course, Nourishing Fertility Womb & LomiLomi Massage also has a component of Hahana Hot Stone Massage plus the ability to learn about male and female anatomy, how to help men with their reproductive health and function, which is great for fertility.

Understanding and help balance menstrual cycle irregularities in women by the ancient art of Yoni Steaming with organic herbal blends, and how you can assist and coach clients to improve their reproductive, body and overall health.

We also look at how to set up a Yoni steam, (for 10 minutes only) touch on some herbs that may assist in the steaming session. We will also touch on everybody’s favourite, anatomy.

Nourishing Fertility Womb & LomiLomi massage incorporates beautiful long flowing strokes which help increase blood & lymph circulation throughout the whole body, which we all know we need for great fertility, especially working the Hara, sacral, coccyx, abdominal and womb areas.

Digestive transition is improved while bloating is eased through specific abdominal pulsing techniques and lastly, the Fascia that wraps around every muscle & organ within the body is gently encouraged to release, allowing for the freedom of movement internally and physical tension is rhythmically rocked away, also helping the body to restore balance and gently release Trauma trapped in the fascia tissue and help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This also includes the movement of a misaligned womb to gently shimmy back into her rightful place.

The beautiful LomiLomi does not have to be used wholly for Fertility, but it is an amazing full body massage for overall body wellbeing. But we do concentrate on the abdominal and sacral areas to help balance the main areas of our bodies.

Cost of this 5 day hands on training $2495

If you only require Yoni steaming $250

Massage component only is $2350

First day is on Yoni Steaming then  4 days of beautiful Nourishing Fertility Womb & LomiLomi Massage Practitioner Training

If you complete the 5 day hands on course,  Holistic Yoni Wellbeing is also offering a fully on-line Premium Certification to become a Yoni Steam Coach and Yoni Steamologist where you have the opportunity to learn about all the menstrual irregularity plus all the different steaming plans.

This premium Certification will then come at a greatly discounted rate.

Nourishing Fertility Womb & LomiLomi Massage & Introduction to Yoni Steaming (10 minute steam only).

This course will be held a couple of times a year in different locations throughout Australia. If you feel you have the passion and desire to learn these Ancient Healing Modalities, please send an email to


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