Follow Up Period Evaluation

Follow Up Period Evaluation

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Follow up Evaluation: We discuss all the changes that you noticed throughout the last couple of months. Is the steaming plan working, are you seeing any changes in your cycle? Is your cycle becoming so much more healthier, less imbalances, fresher beautiful colour to your bleed?

This is where we will re evaluate your Yoni steaming plan, make changes if we need to and if we need to change the herbs.  

You will also receive another packet of Herbs.

Look at the differences between normal and abnormal changes that has occurred throughout your menstruation, and the ability to know how to evaluate the menstrual cycle as it shows an additional vital insight, its importance in supporting overall health status for you. 

Your period is not just your period; it is an expression of your underlying health. When we are healthy, our menstrual cycle will arrive smoothly, regularly and without symptoms.  When we are unhealthy in some way, our cycle will tell the story.

We get a chance to see our blood and gauge the state of our health. Our menstrual cycle begins with fresh red blood (like a nose bleed colour) and finish with fresh red blood. Bleed approx. 4 days with no brown blood, no cramps, no clots, no pain, and no flood bleeding. Most women do not have this, there maybe 1 or a number of imbalances within our body that may create a non pleasurable cycle.

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