Introduction to Yoni Steaming Certification

Introduction to Yoni Steaming Certification

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Want to increase your business and client numbers. Start on a learning journey to the Introduction to Yoni Steaming Certification Course.

In the Introduction to Yoni Steaming Certification there will be theory from PowerPoint presentations where we touch on the history of Yoni Steaming, and the background on Yoni Steaming.

You will learn and understand what happens in our bodies on a menstrual cycle, how to read the blood from our cycle. What our menstrual blood can tell us. When can we steam, when it is not safe, positive and negative side effects from steaming? How to set up a mild steam session for you or your client. Different cleansing effect that can result from a Yoni steam, when do we cloak. Understanding Proper period care, and how it can affect our monthly bleed.

Imbalances in your monthly bleed, Uterine Fatigue, Blood Deficiency, Stagnation, Dampness, Dryness, Weak Digestive, and Excess Heat. How to complete a period evulation form on a client and to understand their imbalances and history of their bleed.

What happens monthly in their bleed - this will assist them to understand the factors that may be supporting the imbalances and what they may need to change.

It is a great way to bring our awareness to listening to what our body is trying to tell us and this will help them understand the imbalances in the body.

Included will be a video on herbs. Where we will learn about 7 different herbs and their properties and how to create our own herbal blend.  How to work out a formula to create this blend.

With the Certification plus a particular document supplied by me, you will be able to apply for your insurance through AON Allied Health. (Australian residences only)


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